How to Use a One Way Exclusion Funnel to Rid Armadillos

Armadillos are destructive, disease ridden vermin that can cost thousands of dollars in damages around your Boca Raton home and property. There are various methods of control suggested, but most are messy, involve guns or dangerous poisons, or are inhumane. Live traps; can be an effective way to catch them, but then what do you with the agitated Florida armadillo? Snap traps may catch your unwanted guest, but now you have to touch the body and clean up the mess. Poison does work but what about the danger to you family and pets? Poisoned Boca Raton armadillos most often end up crawling off and dying in hard to reach places causing a long –lasting stench and attracting carrion feeders. The one way exclusion funnel might be the perfect solution for ridding your property of Florida Armadillos.

The one way exclusion funnel takes advantage of the Florida Armadillos’ foraging nature. The simple device is hardware wire rolled into the shape of a funnel. It is attached to the outside of a hole the armadillo uses to enter/exit a structure or burrow. To install, the funnel, identify their main pathways by the amount of droppings or scrape marks you will see. Seal off any other holes you find. Place the wide end of the one way exclusion funnel over the remaining hole initially made by the Armadillos. By using the Armadillos’ own hole, you do not alert the Boca Raton animal to danger. One way Exclusion funnels require no bait, poison, or special tools to install. The idea is simple. It crawls out the hole through the wide end, escaping through the narrow end which is just big enough for the creature to exit the funnel. As the Armadillos exits, the small funnel end collapse down, leaving a hole too small for re- entry.

When the Boca Raton armadillos returns it realizes too late that it can’t get back in. Using the exclusion funnel requires diligence. The funnel needs to be installed while you are sure the Armadillos occupy the space. Knowing when the Armadillos are gone is also important. Once you are sure they are gone and you have checked for any nests, remove the exclusion funnel (s) and close up the hole(s). Stow your exclusion funnel to save them for future use. With the vermin gone, clean-up is just a few simple steps. Clear all debris and feces from the area and make it undesirable for the Armadillo. Once you eliminated their way in, the Florida Armadillos will go off to find another home.

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