How to Keep Snakes Out of My Garden

The best way to keep Florida snakes out of your garden is to make it unattractive to snakes and their prey. A snake isn’t going to come onto your yard for fun, it will come in searching for prey or a home. So you will have to make sure that there are no rodents for the snake to eat. If there isn’t abundant food on your Florida property the snake will move on, and look elsewhere for a place to stay.

Another thing you will have to do is block up any holes, or cracks in your foundations. Also look for and block up, gaps between your roof and your walls. You will need to make sure that all your doors and windows seal properly, especially those that lead into your basement or ground floor. Check to see if there are any open pipes or conduits that lead into your house that snakes could use to enter. Block these up and you should be fine.

Keeping your Boca Raton garden neat; your bushes and hedges cut back and removing garden waste timeously is a good place to start. Mow your lawn and remove any dilapidated buildings that may offer shelter. If you leave your cuttings, dead branches and other garden detritus in piles around your garden, Florida snakes and rodents will be attracted by the wonderful nesting opportunities such waste offers. So clean up and then snakes won’t stay in your yard.

If none of this seems a good option you could decide to build a wall or a solid fence around your Boca Raton property. Obviously a chain link fence would be no good to you since a snake would simply slither through. If you plan to build a chicken wire or wooden fence around your yard, remember to bury it a few inches in the soil. Florida snakes don’t need much space to slither through into your garden.

There are a whole range of Boca Raton snake repellents on the market, but it would seem that they are a waste of money. You could buy them, but research has shown that they are on the whole, ineffective and it would be better to use your money to make your Florida home less attractive by doing the other suggestions we have made. Don’t waste your money on mothballs as the internet suggests—they don’t work at all. They were made to repel moths and nothing more.

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