Do More Pigeons Live in Urban or Wild Areas?

Pigeons can be counted in those birds that have been successful in adopting and thriving in a variety of Florida habitats. It will not be wrong to mention here that Boca Raton pigeons have shown no issues when it is about adapting the modes which are followed in human settlements. They live in cities as well as wild and can adjust without facing different kinds of issues or stress. A prominent question is that do more Boca Raton pigeons live in urban areas, or wild areas?

For finding an honest answer to this question you will have to get into the details of Boca Raton pigeon’s habitat and in this section our focus will be upon same issue. Pigeons prefer to live in cities because the buildings created by humans appear as decent places to them for thriving. They can use these buildings for their own use. Taller buildings with ledges of windows simulate natural cliffs and wild pigeons prefer to live here and these spots are used by Boca Raton birds for roosting and building nests. People of city also like feeding Florida pigeons and they normally face no issues related with food.

Cities can’t be regarded as the only places where Boca Raton pigeons live because pigeons can also survive in caves and cliffs of wild. Whereas in rural and suburban regions pigeons, prefer to move into barns as well as homes that have been abandoned. The food sources are numerous as these creatures like to eat animal food, spilled grain, garden waste as well as other food items that are available.

Moving towards wild, Boca Raton pigeons live upon larger rocky cliffs and conventionally these prefer to build nests on cliff’s face so that it gets difficult for the predators to get access towards the bird. Pigeons are also known for living inside the regions of caves near the openings. In this environment their diet mostly consists of seeds as well as grains but they will also prefer eating fruits insects, snails, slugs etc. Both parents share the responsibility of taking care of the eggs.

In short, Boca Raton pigeons live in all parts of the globe they don’t hesitate in inhabiting forests, villages and towns. In fact, you will also find them living in the region of desert where they use succulent plants as a source of water. They also live upon islands the higher Antarctic parts are the only place where you are not going to find them because of the extreme conditions.

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